The Value of Perseverance

Perseverancesteady persistence in a course of action, purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. (

I decided to write this blog in honor of this frustrating weekend, which has been full of hurdles large and small. My goal here is to frame for you the value of perseverance when it comes to your fitness pursuits so that you can hopefully find it as well.

Some context for you…

One of my goals for 2017 is to see the number 249.9lbs on the scale without sacrificing strength in the process. How did I arrive at this and why is it important?

A few reasons really…

First,  I have been piddling around in my own fitness goals since the early part of 2015 when my son Wilder was born. I have been “working out” consistently since that point but with no end goal in mind. I have learned this about myself – I need an endpoint in my training. With this goal, I have a distinct time frame and easily measurable objective to strive for – two key components to a good goal.

Second, I haven’t seen that weight since sometime in college in the early 2000’s and to hit it when I am close to 40 years old and much less of a spring chicken than before will be (for lack of a better term) cool! Who doesn’t want to say they are in better shape in their late 30’s than their early 20’s?

Third, this goal will surely challenge my professional acumen for all it’s worth. After all, it ain’t easy to lean out, stay strong, run a business, and raise a family simultaneously!  I always tell many of my SCSF members, who share similar levels of cluster-ness, that they can do it too so it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

Fourth, speaking of my SCSF crew, I am pretty certain that I will gain a ton of insights in the process of reaching my goal that will help me serve them better, which will definitely add value to process as well. I can’t say for sure but hopefully I can use some of my momentum to help pull them along when they are having bad days just like I did this weekend.

Getting back to that…the weekend frustrations started for me on Friday afternoon when I missed my prescribed reps on my big bench press set. My upper body progress has been struggling of late so I had even dropped my training weights to make sure I didn’t miss any more lifts. I was annoyed by the miss but the training process isn’t predictable so I just chalked it up to a bad lift…

However, later that night the bad juju continued when I didn’t get out to walk the dog. No big deal, right? Well, since I am due to run a 3 mile Warrior Dash on April 22nd, any extra cardio REALLY counts for me right now! Let’s say I’m not in thoroughbred condition at the moment…ugh!

Then I didn’t sleep well that night for whatever reason…blah

Then I wake up to discover that one of my bank accounts was in the red due to a totally avoidable mis-communication on my part earlier in the week. (insert lots of cussing here)

Which caused an important online order I had placed for next week to fail. (insert even more cussing here).

NOTE: I made sure it was internal cussing – no kids’ ears were burnt in the process.

Later that day, while in throes of attempting to penny pinch due to the aforementioned financial screw up, I went to the supermarket intending to only spend about $90 and spent $120 instead. UGH!

While cooking dinner, the kids let Jake the dog out by accident…then once he was corralled, I did! (insert wife’s cussing here since she caught him both times)

And I forget to mention some of the usual 2 year tantrums and brother/sister rivalry nonsense, and a baby that didn’t want to nap all day!

So, what does all of this mess have to do with perseverance and goals exactly?

Quite a lot actually!

See – this was the exact type of weekend in the past where I would go off the rails with my diet. Repeated episodes of stress and irritation like this in the past would mutate my good intentions into an instant case of “to hell with it-itus”.

Cookies, sweets, breads…you name it – I was eating it!

Taking the dog out for a walk? Not happening!

However, this weekend was different. I stayed the course and I persevered through it all without eating away my progress from the previous week (During my monthly self-accountability check-in, I lost 2lbs of fat and 6.25 inches!). No bad carbs snuck into my mouth on Saturday.  I even took the dog out Saturday night and sprinted with him up the hills in the neighborhood.

Is all of my stress gone? Hell no! (that bank thing) But I sure do feel better going into Monday knowing that I didn’t eat myself into a coma and lay around all weekend.

To finish up, I am always telling my SCSF peeps that making good decisions with diet and nutrition is easy when everything is going your way. It’s when life get stressful, hectic, and annoying that they have to incredibly vigilant about the behaviors that will take them backwards. That is where long term progress and sustainability come from…

The ability to persevere through the suck…

Hope you found this helpful and it helps you persevere…

Please comment if you did!





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